Hello Everyone, I am Sc0rpi0n101(Nikhil Maan). I am a Junior at Amity University, Noida with a Computer Science Major. I am a student developer and I have worked with C/C++ for a few years and Python for a few months. I am also learning Fortran currently for my GSoC project and plan to learn full stack Python development in the hope of creating my websites and this blog in full stack instead of Hugo.

I am currently Creating a C and Fortran Parser for SymPy as a GSoC 2019 project.This blog will also serve as the blog for my GSoC 2019 Project Blog. I will be posting weekly updates on my progress with my project and experiences I’ve had in the week.

Welcome to my life and be ready to travel with me in my Journey in the tech and the open-source world.

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